Общий грамматический тест по английскому языку (с ответами)

1. How old _______ your son when he won his first prize?
а) is
б) did
в) was+

2. He didn’t _______ TV in the morning.
а) watch+
б) watched
в) watches

3. If I _____ you, I would do it immediately.
а) am
б) were+
в) have got

4. If he had studied well, he ___________ his exams last year.
а) would pass
б) would have been passing
в) would have been passed
г) would have passed+

5. I ________ play American football some years ago, but I don’t play it anymore.
а) did use to
б) was use to
в) used to+
г) use to

6. I______ all my work by tomorrow.
а) am going to do
б) will do
в) will be doing
г) will have done+

7. _______ Nina _______ her friends last night?
а) does _______ met
б) did _______ met
в) did _______ meet+

8. What _______ you do next week?
а) do
б) are
в) will+

9. Tom _______ go to school tomorrow. He is ill.
а) will
б) won’t+
в) don’t

10. _______ you close the window? It is getting cold.
а) may
б) will+
в) do

11. If we _______ enough time, we _______ all the words.
а) have_______learn
б) will have_______will learn
в) have_______will learn+

12. He ______ like playing soccer.
а) doesn’t+
б) don’t
в) is not to
г) do not

13. I’m watching an interesting movie right now. What ______ doing?
а) is you
б) you is
в) you are
г) are you+

14. ______ he go for a walk in the evening?
а) Do
б) Does+
в) Is
г) Was

15. They _______ leave their son at home as he was not quite well
а) have to
б) could
в) had to+

16. When our grandpa was a boy, he _______ sing very well.
а) must
б) could+
в) had to

17. When I came home, dinner _______ already.
а) was being cooked
б) cooked
в) was cooking
г) had been cooked+

18. My neighbor doesn’t like cooking and_______.
а) neither do I+
б) neither does I
в) so do I
г) so does I

19. My parrot _______ speak.
а) can+
б) may
в) must

20. _______ I borrow your pen?
а) can
б) may+
в) must

21. She is thinking ______ to the United States in three weeks.
а) to go
б) going
в) about going
г) of going+

22. I wish I ______ that.
а) hadn’t done+
б) not to do
в) am not doing
г) don’t do

23. She came to my place when I _______ a book.
а) was reading+
б) read
в) had been read
г) reads

24. I have been sitting at home ________.
а) by myself+
б) on myself
в) in my own
г) from myself

25. Tom _______ soccer every Friday.
а) play
б) don’t play
в) plays+

26. You _______ be very careful crossing the road.
а) must+
б) may
в) can

27. She ____________ here for three years already.
а) works
б) is working
в) has working
г) has been working+

28. When I came home yesterday my wife _____ already.
а) has gone
б) has been gone
в) had gone+
г) had been gone

29. _______ Nina and her parents often go to the park together?
а) has
б) does
в) do+

30. Kevin _______ like broccoli.
а) don’t
б) isn’t
в) doesn’t+