Тест по английскому языку для 4 класса (с ответами)

1. Which is ___ park in London?
а) better
б) good
в) the best +

2. My cat _____ hungry 2 hours ago, but now it’s hungry.
а) wasn’t +
б) weren’t

3. Where was Kate yesterday at 6 o’clock?
а) Yes, she was.
б) She were at school.+
в) She was at home.

4. Were you at the station yesterday?
а) No, I was.
б) Yes, I was.+
в) Yes, I were.

5. There ___ a lot of children in the park last Sunday.
а) are
б) was
в) were +

6. It ___ his father two hours to get to the airport tomorrow.
а) will take+
б) took
в) takes

7. Anna’s family ___ to Scotland yet.
а) haven’t been
б) was not
в) hasn’t been +

8. When ___ your sister born?
а) does
б) did
в) was +

9. Children had ___ money and could buy some ice-cream.
а) a little+
б) a few
в) little

10. We have ___ chairs here. Some of us can’t sit down.
а) few+
б) a few
в) a little

11. I______ answered the question.
а) has
б) have +

12. She_______ opened the window.
а) has+
б) have

13. Kerry ___ fruit salad when she was four.
а) like
б) doesn’t like
в) didn’t like +

14. Rebecca can make a tasty pizza, ___ ?
а) can she
б) can’t she+
в) doesn’t she

15. They don’t wear uniforms at school, ___ ?
а) do they+
б) don’t they
в) are they

16. They________ called us.
а) has
б) have +

17. You_______ carried a box.
а) has
б) have +

18. It________ rained a lot.
а) has+
б) have

19. I think your advice _____ always useful .
а) is
б) am
в) are+

20. Where _____ the money?
а) is
б) am
в) are+

21. Many different animals _____ in Africa.
а) live+
б) lives
в) are living
г) is living

22. Where is Misha? He ______ to his friend Ivan on the phone.
а) talk
б) is talking+
в) talks
г) told

23. Anna, why ___ you _____ now?
а) do, cry
б) are, crying+
в) is, cry
г) are, cry

24. My uncle _______ the car now.
а) repairs
б) is repairing+
в) repair
г) is repair

25. Where _____ the potatoes?
а) is
б) am
в) are+

26. My sister’s eyes _____ dark.
а) is
б) am
в) are+

27. These scissors _____ not sharp.
а) is
б) am
в) are+

28. I usually _____ six classes on Monday.
а) have+
б) am having
в) has
г) had

29. Sophie wasn’t at school yesterday. Was she ill?
а) Yes, she wasn’t.
б) No, she were.
в) Yes, she was.+

30. When were Dasha and Vera at the hospital?
а) They were at hospital at 3 o’clock.+
б) No, they weren’t.
в) They were at hospital.