Тест по английскому языку для 5 класса (с ответами)

1. A deer ___ in the forest
a) live
б) lives+
в) don’t live

2. What ___ leopards eat?
a) are
б) do+
в) does

3. This is the most peaceful place ____ the world
а) in+
б) to
в) from
г) on
д) by

4. I live ____ Lesnaya street.
а) in+
б) to
в) from
г) on
д) by

5. Yesterday Nick went _____ Moscow.
а) in
б) to+
в) from
г) on
д) by

6. The boys must do everything _______ .
a) himself
б) yourself
в) yourselves
г) themselves+

7. You had used a knife without your parent’s permission. What could you say?
а) I cuted my finger.
б) I cat my finger.
в) I cated my finger.
г) I cut my finger.+

8. All pupils always listen ____ the teacher.
а) in
б) to+
в) from
г) on
д) by

9. My school is not far ____ my house.
а) in
б) to
в) from+
г) on
д) by

10. Where is Tom? What ___ he ___ ?
a) do ___ do
б) is ___ doing+
в) does ___ do

11. It is very hot now. We ___ t-shirts and shorts
a) wear
б) am wearing
в) are wearing +

12. She ______ yesterday because her friend had betrayed her.
а) cryed
б) cry
в) cried+
г) cryd

13. Did you drink all juice?
а) No, I don’t.
б) No, I did.
в) Yes, I didn’t.
г) Yes, I did.+

14. There is ___ cheese in the pizza.
a) much+
б) many
в) any

15. They _______ a competition last year.
а) wonted
б) wonner
в) won+

16. They____________ the British museum.
а) have already visit
б) have already visited+
в) have already visiting

17. This is _______ banana.
a) a +
б) the
в) an
г) –

18. This is _______ taxi. _______ taxi is red.
a) a-an
б) an-the
в) a-the +
г) –

19. She _______ the piano often.
a) is playing
б) will play
в) plays +
г) did play

20. I hope they ________ tomorrow.
а) will returned
б) will returning
в) will return+

21. Can you help me? I _______ for my book.
а) am looking+
б) am look
в) am looked

22. Yesterday granny ________ me a puppy as a present.
а) broughted
б) brogh
в) brought+

23. It _______ snow last Sunday.
a) didn’t
б) wasn’t +
в) isn’t
г) won’t

24. Did you _____ the window?
а) break+
б) brake
в) broke
г) braked

25. Выберите предложение без ошибки:
а) She doesn’t visit her grandparents last Monday.
б) He don’t watch TV last night.
в) I swam in a sea two years ago.+
г) My mum buyed a cake for the celebration.

26. What’s ___ address
a) you
б) your+
в) yours

27. This is ___ brother. He loves ___ very much.
a) his ___ him+
б) his, ___ his
в) him ___ his

28. ___ subjects do you learn at school?
a) how
б) what+
в) which

29. You ___ touch animals in the Zoo.
a) must
б) mustn’t+
в) can’t

30. ___ mother’s name is Jane.
a) my+
б) me
в) mine