Тест по английскому языку для 7 класса (с ответами)

1. They missed the last bus. They ___ to walk.
a) had+
б) could
в) might

2. We often _____this game in the evening.
a) play +
б) are playing
в) had played

3. Whose umbrella is this? – It is _____
a) mine +
б) my
в) her

4. _____ London is _____capital of _____Great Britain.
a) the, the, the
б) -, -, the
в) -, the, — +

5. The pupil _____to the library recently.
a) will go
б) has gone +
в) went

6. _____you _____a test last week?
a) Did _____wrote
б) will write
в) Did_____write +

7. They reached _____Pacific Ocean by means of _____Panama Canal.
a) -, —
б) the, the +
в) the, —

8. My sister … in Astana last month.
а) is
б) were
в) am
г) was+
д) are

9. There … many books in the bag.
а) is
б) –
в) am
г) do
д) are+

10. Last year we went to __________Urals.
a) — ,
б) the +

11. _____UK has a royal family.
a) the, +
б) —

12. His new book _____next year.
a) will be finished +
б) will finish
в) will be finish

13. He never listens ___
a) to anybody+
б) somebody
в) to nobody

14. Why is Anna laughing ___ Kerry?
a) on
б) at+
в) to

15. Tom has a lot of bad marks. His father is very angry ___ him.
a) on
б) for
в) with +

16. Bread _____every day.
a) eats
б) are eaten
в) is eaten +

17. These trees _____last autumn.
a) are planted
б) were planted +
в) will plant

18. If the bus doesn’t come soon, she _____ late.
а) is
б) will
в) will be+

19. What ____ happen if that box drops?
а) will +
б) will be
в) –

20. It took her _______minutes to make coffee.
а) Much
б) A little
в) A few+
г) The
д) A

21. We_______ dictation now.
а) write
б) are writing+
в) wrote
г) is writing
д) writes

22. Martin ______ a new jacket next autumn.
а) buys
б) buy
в) will buy+

23. Kate _____ Bill. She loves another man.
а) won’t marry +
б) not marry

24. ____ you invite me to your party tomorrow?
а) are
б) do
в) will+

25. Belfast is the capital of_______.
а) Northern Ireland+
б) England
в) Scotland
г) Paris
д) The USA

26. Sam liked ___ book.
a) threeth
б) the third+
в) three

27. I can’t see ___
a) nothing
б) something
в) anything +

28. There is nobody in the house, ___ ?
a) is it
б) is there+
в) isn’t there

29. Nobody ___ Tom’s new friend.
a) doesn’t like
б) likes+
в) like

30. ___ money in the purse.
a) there is+
б) there are
в) it is