Тест по английскому языку для 8 класса (с ответами)

1. Wendy is ______ shy to ask what he thinks about her present.
a) enough
б) too+
в) very

2. Hurry up. The lesson ______ at 9.00 pm.
a) will start
б) is starting
в) starts +

3. The doctor _________ in a minute.
a) will be sent for +
б) is sent for
в) send
г) was sent

4. The letter ___________ tomorrow.
a) is waiting
б) wait for
в) will be waited for +
г) will be waited

5. What time does the bus ______ London?
a) arrive
б) comes
в) reach +

6. She must ______ on the phone. His line is constatnly busy.
a) talked
б) be talking+
в) have talked

7. The radio ________ every day.
a) listen
б) is listened to +
в) will be listen
г) is listened for

8. The flat _______ already.
a) clean
б) cleaned
в) will be cleaned
г) has been cleaned+

9. Our health has greatly ______ ever since we stopped eating sugar.
a) developed
б) increased
в) improved +

10. Fred ______ have painted such a winderful picture. He has never liked drawing!
a) shouldn’t
б) needn’t
в) can’t +

11. I didn’t ________ any prizes at school this year.
а) Win+
б) Lend
в) Cash
г) Spend
д) Discount

12. I haven’t got any money with me. – Don’t worry I can ________ you 5 pounds.
а) Win
б) Lend+
в) Cash
г) Spend
д) Discount

13. This novel ______ at the end of the 19th century.
a) was written+
б) wrote
в) had written

14. The boy _________ two days ago.
a) was laughed
б) laughed
в) was laughed at +
г) will be laughed

15. He ______ French since 2008.
а) Has studied+
б) Have studied
в) Have studying
г) Is study
д) Are studied

16. What is the capital of the USA?
а) London
б) Washington+
в) New York
г) Astana
д) Berlin

17. She says that when she was a child bananas ______ her least favorite fruit.
a) have been
б) are
в) were +

18. Rita wanted to change her hairstyle, so she ______ by a professional stylist.
a) had cut it
б) had it cut+
в) have to cut it

19. Mr. Halls reads ______ than anyone I know.
a) faster+
б) fastly
в) more fast

20. Антоним к слова: Kind
а) Patient
б) Big
в) Wicked+
г) Polite
д) Beautiful

21. They ________ all their money on clothes.
а) Win
б) Lend
в) Cash
г) Spend+
д) Discount

22. Выберите верную форму множественного числа:
а) Tooth
б) Tooths
в) Teeth+
г) Teeths
д) Toothes

23. Why are you hot? I ____ all the way.
а) Has been run
б) Have been running+
в) Has run
г) Has been running
д) Is running

24. The price of the CD players includes 10% ________.
а) Win
б) Lend
в) Cash
г) Spend
д) Discount+

25. He advised me ______ the heavy furniture.
a) not to lift+
б) isn’t lift
в) to not lift

26. My brother says he’ll never forget ______ the Niagara Falls for the first time.
a) he saw
б) to see
в) seeing +

27. Neither my mom ______ me have ever been to Rome.
a) but
б) or
в) nor +

28. They said they ______ a wonderful time in Istanbul the previous spring.
a) had had+
б) were having
в) would have

29. After working at the hospltal for a year, Bob finally ______ to sleepless nights.
a) was used to
б) got used to+
в) used to

30. Can I pay by cheque? – I prefer to have ________ please.
а) Win
б) Lend
в) Cash+
г) Spend
д) Discount