Тест по лексике и грамматике английского языка (с ответами)

1. We had an French lesson ________.
а) now
б) last Tuesday+
в) usually
г) every day

2. I wish I ___ as smart as my father
а) was
б) were+
в) am

3. If you ___ me, I ___ so many problems last summer
а) helped ___ would have
б) had helped ___ wouldn’t have had+
в) had helped ___ wouldn’t have

4. You are responsible ___ these children
а) for+
б) of
в) to

5. Lida ____prepares her homework at home.
а) yesterday
б) now
в) always+
г) last week

6. She asked ___ late again
а) why I was+
б) why was I
в) why I am

7. Do Americans work more or ___ than Germans?
а) less+
б) little
в) fewer

8. Rose has ___ problems with her studies now than she had last term/
а) little
б) fewer+
в) less

9. Нe ____ play volleyball.
а) now
б) usually+
в) yesterday
г) every day

10. She write a letter ____.
а) every week
б) last week
в) now+
г) yesterday

11. He_______ football now.
а) played
б) played
в) is playing+
г) play

12. Mary _______coffee yesterday.
а) drink
б) is drinking
в) drank+
г) drinks

13. I ______my homework every day.
а) has – done
б) have — do
в) has – did
г) have – done+

14. I ___ argue with my parents
а) use to
б) —
в) used to +

15. I went to Paris ___ shoes
а) for buying
б) to buy+
в) to buying

16. Where ____Tom and Nick yesterday ?
а) is
б) be
в) were +
г) are

17. I __________ history lessons every day.
а) didn’t have
б) isn’t had
в) don’t have +
г) doesn’t has

18._______he _____exercises three days ago?
а) Do – did
б) Is – doing
в) Does – do
г) Did – do+

19. Liza’s mother doesn’t want ___ out
а) she go
б) her go
в) her to go +

20. Are you good ___ money?
а) to save
б) in saving
в) at saving +

21. Tim was reading a comic when he _______ asleep
а) fell+
б) is falling
в) was falling
г) falled

22. _______your mum _______ the film she had seen last Sunday?
а) Was_______enjoy
б) Did_______enjoy+
в) Did_______enjoyed
г) Does_______enjoy

23. They ______ tennis at the sports ground two days ago.
а) play
б) plays
в) is playing
г) played+

24. If I were you, I _______ England years ago
а) would visit
б) would have visited+
в) will visit
г) visited

25. Have you _______ seen a hurricane?а) never
б) once
в) ever+
г) twice

26. I don’t mind _______ in the dark
а) to walk
б) walk
в) walking+
г) walked

27. We can’t find a hotel room, so we _______ to sleep in the car
а) must
б) have+
в) could
г) should

28. Diana is afraid_______mice
а) for
б) in
в) of+
г) with

29. My garden_______by an automatic watering system now
а) is being watered+
б) is watered
в) watering
г) water

30. We _______ TV now.
а) is watching
б) watch
в) are watching +
г) watches