Тест с ответами: “Артикли в английском языке”

1. ____________have left London.
a) Browns
b) A Browns
c) The Browns+

2. ___________Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on____________Earth.
a) —,—
b) A,a
c) The,the+

3. It is washed by the waters of____________.
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) a Atlantic Ocean
c) the Atlantic Ocean+

4. I know there is ___ apple in the fridge. Gimme it, please
a) —
b) a
c) an+
d) the

5. He works as ___ engineer. He likes his job very much.
a) —
b) a
c) an+
d) the

6. ___ forty-fourth American President was ___ Afro-American.
a) the, an+
b) a, an
c) the, —
d) the, the

7. He is ___ smartest guy I’ve ever seen.
a) —
b) a
c) an
d) the+

8. Ann always has a cup of coffee for ____ breakfast and a glass of juice for____ lunch.
a) — … — +
b) a … a
c) the … the

9. Do yoy study ___ German? No, I study ____ Italian.
a) a … a
b) the … the
c) — … — +

10. It is ____ largest mountain in ____ this country.
a) — … the
b) the … — +
c) a … —

11. ___________ drive on the left-hand side in their country.
a) British
b) A British
c) The British+

12. She is very good at____________.
a) Painting+
b) a painting
c) the painting

13. ___ Smiths decided to go to the party tonight.
a) —
b) an
c) a
d) the+

14. Are you going to … cinema or to ____ theatre tonight?
a) a … a
b) — … —
c) the … the +

15. David don’t like playing ____ football. He prefers playing ____ tennis
a) a … a
b) the … the
c) — … — +

16. ____________ is the main modern art museum in London.
a) Tate Gallery
b) A Tate Gallery
c) The Tate Gallery+

17. It is evident that___________want peace.
a) People+
b) a people
c) the people

18. Can you give me____________over there?
a) book
b) a book
c) the book+

19. — Are we going for ___ walk? — No, we are staying at ___ home.
a) —, —
b) a, the
c) a, —+
d) —, a

20. He became famous in ___ 80s.
a) —
b) a
c) an
d) the+

21. They are twins. They were born on ___ 19th of December.
a) —
b) a
c) an
d) the+

22. It is important sometimes to stop and look around you at all the beautiful things____________.
a) nature
b) in nature+
c) in the nature

23. Can anyone give me____________please because I have just fallen over?
a) hand
b) a hand+
c) the hand

24. I have left my book in____________and I would like you to get it for me.
a) kitchen
b) a kitchen
c) the kitchen+

25. I saw ___ man standing near ___ bridge.
a) a, the+
b) the, a
c) a, a
d) the, the

26. She was smarter than ___ other students in her group.
a) —
b) a
c) the+
d) an

27. Are you studying foreign languages at school, like____________?
a) German+
b) a German
c) the German

28. Bring____________from the kitchen.
a) milk
b) a milk
c) the milk+

29. Great Britain consists of ______________ parts.
a) Three+
b) a three
c) the three

30. The Queen of Great Britain is not____________.
a) Absolute+
b) an absolute
c) the absolute