Тест с ответами на тему: «Числительные в английском языке»

1. _____ upon a time a little cat traveled to the forest.
a) One
б) The first
в) Once+
г) Onely

2. Look! There are three ________ people in the street.
a) hundreds
б) hundred of
в) hundred+
г) hundreds of

3. 2 1⁄4
а) Two and a half
б) Two and one-four
в) Two and a fourth+

4. Наши дети учатся в 97 школе.
a) Our children study at school number ninety-seven.+
б) Our children study at school number eighty-seven.
в) Our children study at school number seventy-nine.

5. Моей дорогой бабушке 84 года.
a) My dear granny is eighty-five years old.
б) My dear granny is eighty-fore years old.
в) My dear granny is eighty-four years old.+

6. Your task is to read _________ paragraph at home.
а) nine
б) the ninth+
в) ninety

7. If you haven’t managed to do it from the second attempt, then do it _____.
a) third
б) three
в) threeth
г) thrice+

8. Do you believe in love at _____ sight?
a) the first
б) first+
в) one
г) ones

9. Please could you buy a ____ eggs for me.
a) one
б) first
в) dozen+
г) two

10. Five times five is _________ .
а) twenty-fifth
б) twenty-fife
в) twenty-five+

11. ____ bird is singing in the sky.
a) One+
б) Two
в) First
г) Hundred

12. Here you can see _____ men working on the project.
a) one
б) second
в) two+
г) first

13. About 7 _____ live on the Earth.
a) billions people
б) billion of people
в) billion people+
г) billion peoples

14. How many books did you buy? – I bought _____ .
а) fifteenth
б) fifth
в) five+
г) fiftieth

15. March is _________ month of the year.
а) third
б) three
в) the third+

16. 2286
а) Two thousand two hundred and eighty-six+
б) Second thousands two hundred and eighty six
в) Two thousand a two hundred and eighty-six

17. Only _____ students were present at the lecture.
а) sixth
б) sixteen+
в) sixtieth
г) sixteenth

18. Show me _____ page, please.
а) twoth
б) the second+
в) two
г) the twoth

19. His second work is better than _____ .
а) the first+
б) the one
в) the oneth
г) oneth

20. Open chapter _____ please.
а) fifth
б) fifteenth
в) fiftieth
г) five+

21. … can save the situation.
а) ten percents
б) ten percent+

22. A fortnight means … weeks.
а) four
б) three
в) two+

23. ______ is four.
a) two in two
б) two on two
в) two by two+
г) two and two

24. He is ______ who comes to me with an apology.
a) five
б) fifth
в) feefth
г) the fifth+

25. Аня! Сегодня второе октября.
a) Ann! Today is the first of October.
б) Ann! Today is the third of October.
в) Ann! Today is the second of October.+

26. Я живу в доме 33 на улице Роз.
a) I live at twenty-three Rose Street.
б) I live at thirty-three Rose Street.+
в) I live at forty-three Rose Street.

27. Мои ученики ездят на 43 автобусе в школу.
a) My pupils take bus number fourty-three to school.
б) My pupils take bus number forty-three to school.+
в) My pupils take bus number fourty-thee to school.

28. Have you ever experienced love … ?
а) at first sight+
б) at the first sight
в) first sight

29. I wonder what the world will be at the end of … century?
а) twenty one
б) the twenty-first+
в) the twentieth-first

30. Personally, I prefer music of … .
а) nineteen seventys
б) the nineteen seventeens
в) the nineteen seventies+