Тест с ответами на тему: «Фразовые глаголы в английском языке»

1. I’m going to ________ my girlfriend ________ tonight.
а) take / out+
б) take / off
в) take / down
г) take / up

2. The police officer chased the burglars but they managed to ________ .
а) get by
б) get through
в) get up
г) get away+

3. Why don’t you get you homework ___ with, so you can enjoy the rest of the evening?
а) over+
б) around
в) away
г) by

4. The company______five new employees every year.
a) takes on +
б) holds on
в) takes up
г) carries on

5. My father ________ smoking long time ago.
а) gave in
б) gave up+
в) gave away
г) gave off

6. The new manager will ________ next week.
а) take up
б) take over+
в) take in
г) take off

7. When the fire broke out, Mary was the person to______ the situation.
a) take on
б) hold in
в) take over +
г) get on

8. The burglary has nothing______Susan. It is unfair to ac¬cuse her of it.
a) to do away with
б) to take after
в) to bring about with
г) to do with+

9. The professor refused to check Jane’s test because he could not______her handwriting.
a) go through
б) make out+
в) make up
г) make for

10. Ken ________ the best fruit at the supermarket.
а) picked out+
б) picked in
в) picked down

11. Jeremy didn’t want to ________ the wedding any longer.
а) put over
б) put off+
в) put by

12. Please ___ and see us when you are next in town.
а) hold on
б) drop off
в) call out
г) call in+

13. I was ___ with the library books, so I took the bus home.
а) loaded up
б) loaded down+
в) kept down
г) kept up

14. For the first week of our holiday we usually just ___ on the beach.
а) laze about+
б) turn around
в) be at
г) come to

15. That math(s) exam was incredibly difficult. It took me ages to ________ some of the answers.
а) sort out
б) put out
в) work out+
г) find out

16. A bad cough and a sore throat often ___.
а) go together+
б) come together
в) go on together
г) go along with together

17. I couldn’t ___ a word he was saying.
а) try out
б) put out
в) make up
г) make out+

18. Many people are______by false promises to make them rich.
a) taken in +
б) taken over
в) taken through
г) taken back

19. I don’t mind helping you bake a cake, but just make sure you ________ everything when you’ve finished.
а) put out
б) put away+
в) sort out
г) bring up

20. I’m broke. I have to ________ an idea for making money.
а) get on with
б) put up with
в) run out of
г) come up with+

21. After his illness, he worked hard to ________ on his missed schoolwork.
а) catch
б) catch up+
в) catch back

22. Jeff felt as if he had been ________ when he lost his job.
а) let on
б) let down+
в) let over

23. I had been looking forward to the concert for weeks but it turned out to be a terrible ___.
а) warm-up
б) letdown+
в) input
г) onset

24. When we woke up in the morning the campfire still hadn’t ___.
а) put off
б) burnt off
в) gone out
г) lightened up+

25. Before Sheila died from a long battle with cancer, she asked her sister to ________ her children.
а) look after+
б) look into
в) look down

26. Our teacher told us to ________ our work quietly.
а) get on with+
б) put up with
в) run out of
г) come up with

27. The government wants to ________ a new scheme to encourage people to start their own businesses.
а) hand out
б) try out+
в) find out
г) run out

28. The SEO ________ the subject of the meeting.
а) brought in
б) brought up+
в) brought out
г) brought round

29. Everyone ___ on time for the meeting yesterday.
а) took off
б) put off
в) broke in
г) turned up+

30. The antique picture frame just ___ in my hands.
а) broke up
б) came apart+
в) tore down
г) split down