Тест с ответами на тему: «Герундий и причастие в английском языке»

1. This girl seems ____ a lot.
а) to read+
б) to be read
в) reading
г) read

2. ____ to classical music is a pleasure.
а) Listen
б) Listening+
в) Listened
г) Being listening

3. He went on ______ magazine as if nothing had happened.
a) to read
б) reading+
в) read
г) in reading

4. The day began very badly but I went on ______ the situation.
a) change
б) for change
в) for the changing
г) to change+

5. I couldn’t ______ a cheap flat in this city.
a) finding
б) to find
в) in finding
г) find+

6. My son was so nice that people couldn’t help ______ at him.
a) smile
б) smiling+
в) to smile
г) from smiling

7. I like ______ credits without delays.
a) paying
б) having paid
в) to pay +
г) pay

8. ______ honest I don’t have enough attention.
а) Being
б) Having been
в) To be+
г) To be been

9. The police stopped her ________ her documents.
а) checking
б) checked
в) to check+
г) to have checked

10. Parents enjoy ______ their children what to do.
a) telling +
б) to tell
в) in telling
г) tell

11. Her aunt is a very anxious person who wants everything ______ in order.
a) being
б) be
в) to be +
г) to being

12. My computer needs ____
а) reparing+
б) to repare
в) be repaired
г) repaired

13. All children like ____ funny stories.
а) tell
б) being told+
в) be told
г) be telling

14. Excuse me for ____ your favorite plate.
а) breaking+
б) break
в) to break
г) being breaking

15. A barometer is used ______ the atmospheric pressure.
a) measure
б) measuring
в) for measuring
г) to measure+

16. Many people hates ______ extra hours.
a) work
б) working+
в) to work
г) of working

17. We dislike ______ in the city centre because it is noisy.
a) living +
б) to be living
в) live
г) to live

18. Could you help me ______ the homerwork?
a) finishing
б) with finishing
в) in finishing
г) to finish+

19. My mother makes me ______ the guitar two hours a day.
a) to play
б) play+
в) playing
г) in playing

20. My new classmate asked me how ______ to the airport.
a) can get
б) getting
в) get
г) to get+

21. We were let ______ in the river.
a) swim +
б) swimming
в) to swim
г) swam

22. My parents expected the hotel ______ much better.
a) be
б) of being
в) being
г) to be+

23. Do you remember ______ Alex and tell him that we can’t meet tomorrow?
a) to see +
б) seeing
в) of seeing
г) see

24. If you don’t succeed ______ your school exams, I won’t let you ______ to a cinema.
a) in taking, go +
б) in taking, to go
в) taking, go
г) to take, go

25. The government intend ______ educational programs.
a) at starting
б) to start+
в) starting
г) start

26. I was made ______ to play the guitar.
a) learn
б) learning
в) to learn +
г) in learning

27. I started ______ at the age of three.
a) to speak+
б) speak
в) be speaking
г) in speaking

28. Oh, look! It is finishing ______ .
a) raining
б) rain
в) to rain +
г) having rained

29. I would like my son ______ back home earlier.
a) come
б) to come+
в) coming
г) to be coming

30. My mother likes ______ for long walks in the evening.
a) go
б) to go
в) going +
г) of going