Тест с ответами на тему: «Инфинитив в английском языке»

1. I’d rather ______ home than ______ any other minute here.
а) to go / to stay
б) go / stay+
в) go / to stay

2. She explained how ______ photos and ______ them to the Internet.
а) take / upload
б) take / to upload
в) to take / upload+

3. I would prefer ______ a bike rather than ______ on foot.
а) to ride / to go
б) to ride / go+
в) ride / to go

4. We went to the train station only ______ that our train had already left.
а) to realize+
б) realize
в) to have realized

5. Don’t forget ______ something to eat!
а) take
б) to have taken
в) to take+

6. I suggest you ______ the homework.
а) to do
б) do+
в) to have done

7. I don’t think they will ______ the competition.
а) to win
б) have won
в) win+

8. George practices ___twice a week.
a) to swim
б) swimming+
в) to swimming

9. My dad gave up ___ a long time ago.
a) smoking+
б) to smoke
в) smoke

10. I would like ___ Brazil this summer.
a) visit
б) visiting
в) to visit+

11. I would like you … his invitation.
a) to accept+
б) accept

12. You’d better ______ a sleep.
а) to have
б) have+
в) have had

13. Why did he refuse ______ the invitation?
а) have been accepted
б) to have accepted
в) to accept+

14. She wants ______ why you decided ______ the meeting earlier.
а) to know / leave
б) know / leave
в) to know / to leave+

15. I think, we’d better … of here.
a) to get
б) get+

16. I prefer ___ outdoor games.
a) playing+
б) to play

17. Sandra managed ___ a solution.
a) to find+
б) finding
в) find

18. His language skills seem ___.
a) to improving
б) improve
в) to be improving+

19. Teachers make me ____ homework well.
a) do+
б) to do

20. Please, let me ____ the news and then we’ll go out.
a) watch+
б) to watch

21. I used ____ a lot when I was younger.
a) to smoke+
б) smoke

22. Andrew hates ___ early in the morning.
a) to get up+
б) to getting up

23. Dave agreed ___ his friends at the café tomorrow evening.
a) meet
б) to meeting
в) to meet+

24. Ken failed ___ new friends at school.
a) to make+
б) making
в) to making

25. Have you ever thought of ___ your own fruit and vegetables?
a) to grow
б) growing+
в) grow

26. We should ______ about it one more time.
а) to think
б) to have thought
в) think+

27. A notorious gangster is said ______ in the US.
а) to kill
б) to have been killed+
в) to have killed

28. He claims ______ one million dollars last year.
а) to be winning
б) to win
в) to have won+

29. He suggested ______ to the cinema.
а) to go
б) going+
в) to have gone

30. Andrea claims ______ for his manufacturer for 6 years.
а) to worked
б) to work
в) to have been working+