Тест с ответами на тему: «Лексика английского языка»

1. Как переводится данное слово — chin?
а) кастрюля
б) звонить
в) подбородок+

2. Как переводится данное слово — sheet?
а) простыня+
б) кудри
в) овца

3. It is Thursday today. The day before yesterday it was ___
a) Monday
б) Tuesday+
в) Wednesday

4. Have you phoned your parents ___ ?
a) yet+
б) already
в) just

5. I know Olga has a sweet ___________; she hardly eats anything else but chocolates.
a) tooth+
б) teeth
в) mouth

6. ____________ is a stage in life when a person is neither young nor old, but somewhere in between.
a) Average age
б) Medium age
в) Middle age+

7. The students learned a lot of poems ______________ .
a) by mind
б) by heart+
в) by memory

8. Wilfred Thesiger’s desert journeys are a constant _____________ of inspiration.
a) source+
б) reason
в) spring

9. Kerry was very tired and ___ asleep quickly.
a) felt
б) went
в) fell +

10. Anna’s aunt is not well. Anna looks ___ her.
a) out
б) at
в) after +

11. I am looking ___ my glasses. Can you help me?
a) for+
б) after
в) up

12. _________ nasty weather we are having today!
a) What+
б) How
в) Which

13. Как переводится данное слово — wal­let?
а) ветеринар
б) валет
в) бумажник+

14. Как переводится данное слово — elbow?
а) звук
б) локоть+
в) люстра

15. Sandra used to practice dancing. She had to give it _______ because of her trauma.
a) off
б) of
в) up+

16. He is as busy as _________, only he is making money instead of honey.
a) a bird
б) a bee+
в) a businessman

17. A large passenger bus crashed in ______________ on Friday evening, killing 19 people.
a) thin frog
б) thin fog
в) thick fog+

18. Underground electric railroads are called __________ in the USA.
a) tube
б) subway+
в) metro

19. Why don’t you _________ this week-end to have a nice pizza together?
a) come on
б) come round+
в) come in

20. First, Nobel studied in Russia and then he ____________ to the US.
a) transferred
б) emigrated+
в) left

21. I met Harry ____________a couple of weeks ago when I was cycling past the park.
a) by accident+
б) by incident
в) by incidental

22. Can you ___ me a favour?
a) make
б) do+
в) give

23. Tom was ___ in bed when his father came in.
a) lying+
б) laying
в) lieing

24. They usually ___ the table for dinner at 6 p.m.
a) lay+
б) lie
в) laid

25. Tom can’t ___ how to play chess.
a) study
б) teach
в) learn +

26. Anna ___ hard, but her marks in Physics are still poor.
a) learns
б) studies+
в) teaches

27. He was born and ______________ up in East Africa.
a) Raised
б) brought+
в) grown

28. Americans can no _____________ see the Milky Way because of the light pollution.
a) further
б) longer+
в) sooner

29. A health care professional who is responsible for the treatment and recovery of ill or injured people is a _________ .
a) waitress
б) nurse+
в) niece

30. You should___________ this material once again to be on the safe side
a) run out
б) run through+
в) run away