Тест с ответами на тему: «Местоимения и слова-определители в английском языке»

1. I cannot help to you now. I _____ time.
a) have got no+
б) have got any
в) have got none
г) have got no any

2. All the cups have been sold. There is _____ left.
a) no of them
б) nothing+
в) not any
г) none

3. She closed the window behind _____ .
а) her+
б) –
в) herself

4. You should not blame _____ for it.
а) ourselves
б) yourself+
в) yourselv

5. I’ve been trying to phone his all day but _____ I phone his the line is engaged.
a) every time +
б) the every time
в) all the time
г) the whole time

6. He is invited to lots of charity parties and he goes to _____ .
a) everyone
б) every one+
в) everything
г) each

7. ___ all can be active at times.
а) Our
б) We+
в) Us

8. My mother is not home, but I can give you ___ phone number.
а) his
б) her+
в) him

9. – I haven’t got a drawing album.
– Don’t worry, you can use ___.
а) mine+
б) me
в) my

10. Jacob was a good friend of _____ .
а) my
б) mine+
в) me

11. These are _____ organizations operating in our market.
а) little
б) some
в) few+

12. You are not the only one who failed to hear the news. I didn’t _____ .
a) neither
б) either+
в) both
г) also

13. Riley is in hospital. Let’s visit ___.
а) his
б) he
в) him+

14. Charlie and Sam are so noisy. ___ behavior is awful.
а) Them
б) They
в) Their+

15. Are these _____ pencils?
а) you
б) your+
в) yours

16. I am not to play with _____ .
а) them+
б) they
в) theirs

17. Thomas and Olivia are good friends of ___.
а) mine+
б) I
в) me

18. If there are _____ books for me?
a) any +
б) some
в) the

19. «What do you want to drink?» » _____ . I’m so thirsty.»
a) nothing
б) something
в) anything +
г) any

20. _____ came to visit him while he was in the building.
a) nobody +
б) any one
в) none
г) some

21. This house belongs to my brother and his child. It’s ___.
а) their
б) them
в) theirs+

22. We got lost. We need someone to help ___.
а) their
б) us+
в) ours

23. I would like to have a room of ___ own.
а) mire
б) my+
в) me

24. Let ___ give you a piece of pie.
а) me+
б) my
в) I

25. I don’t know where _____ textbook is! Have you seen it?
а) mine
б) me
в) my+

26. Why not consult Mary and ask _____ for a useful tip?
а) his
б) her+
в) hers

27. If we hadn’t taken the same bus, we might have never met _____ .
a) ours
б) each other+
в) ourselves
г) both of us

28. Jessica was exhausted after fous hours in a gym. _____ could hardly move a finger.
а) She+
б) Her
в) His

29. I didn’t enjoy working for my friend. I would rather work for _____ .
а) me
б) I
в) myself+

30. I gave him my telephone number and he gave _____ his.
а) my
б) mine
в) me+