Тест с ответами на тему: «Passive Voice (страдательный залог)»

1. Mr. Smith was sure that prisoners of conscience______in at least 60 countries.
a) are being held
б) being held
в) were being held +
г) hold

2. Sarah showed me the article, which ______ by her brother.
a) was translated
б) translated
в) had been translated+
г) has been translated

3. The plan of work______for four hours.
a) discussed
б) have been discussed
в) is discussed
г) has been discussed+

4. The plan of work______by all the students at five tomorrow.
a) is discussing
б) is being discussed
в) will be discussed+
г) will discuss

5. An experiment______next week on Monday.
a) will be made +
б) is made
в) will make
г) is being made

6. The article______already discussed.
a) is being
б) has been+
в) has
г) was

7. The key______for everywhere but it______
a) was looked, hasn’t found
в) has been looked, didn’t find
б) is looked, hasn’t been found
г) has been looked, hasn’t been found+

8. The Loch Ness monster______to exist.
a) is told
б) is said+
в) tells
г) says

9. About 90 people______to the party yesterday.
a) were invited +
б) was invited
в) invite
г) are invited

10. In more than 200 years the USA Constitution______26 times.
a) is amended
б) has been amended+
в) is being amended
г) was amended

11. The bridge______by tomorrow morning.
a) will have been reconstructed+
б) is being reconstructed
в) will be reconstructed
г) was reconstructed

12. It was reported that the treaty______two weeks before.
a) would have been ratified
б) is ratified
в) had been ratified+
г) was ratified

13. Trained dogs______by the police to find drugs.
a) use
б) used
в) are using
г) are used+

14. Mary is at the beauty parlor. She is______.
a) having her nails painted+
в) had her nails
б) painting her nails
г) painted her nails

15. Mike ______ to clean his room.
a) was make
б) was made+
в) are made
г) is being made

16. All the letters ____ by 10 o’clock tomorrow. I promise!
а) will be sent
б) will have been sent +
в) are sent
г) is sent

17. This ancient palace ____ before the war started.
а) had been ruined +
б) was ruined
в) was being ruined
г) has been ruined

18. I didn’t realize our conversation ___ to.
а) will be listened
б) is listened
в) was being listened+

19. When we arrived at the airport, we found that the flight ___.
а) is being cancelled
б) had been cancelled+
в) has been cancelled

20. Suddenly he thought that something______of him.
a) expected
б) is expected
в) was expected +
г) has been expected

21. A lot of jazz festivals______every year in America.
a) are held+
б) are holding
в) hold
г) held

22. Scotland ______ from London but in many ways it is a separate nation.
a) governed
б) is governing
в) was governed
г) is governed+

23. The conference room ___ at the moment.
а) is being used+
б) had been used
в) was being used

24. The floors in the office ___ every day.
а) were being swept
б) will have been swept
в) are swept+

25. The flowers in the flowerbeds ___ by this evening.
а) will have been watered+
б) were watered
в) are being watered

26. Usually all the work about the house _____ by my mother.
а) are done
б) is done +
в) has been done
г) will be done

27. The key ____ about 2 weeks ago.
а) has been lost
б) was lost +
в) was being lost
г) is lost

28. Right now the robbers ____ . This is the latest news!
а) is being arrested
б) are arrested
в) are being arrested +
г) have been being arrested

29. The Highlands are home to many rare birds and animals, which______nowhere else in Britain.
a) are found +
б) weren’t found
в) aren’t found
г) cannot be found

30. A seat belt______even if you are sitting in the back seat.
a) must wear
б) must be worn+
в) wore
г) must be wearing