Тест с ответами на тему: «Past Continuous»

1. Sue ___ outside the theatre when the performance began.
a) was to standing
б) was standing+
в) were standing

2. Tom and Liz were busy yesterday. They ___ their mom around the house.
a) helping
б) was helping
в) were helping+

3. We ___ a New Year tree all morning yesterday.
a) were decorating+
б) were to decorating
в) was decorating

4. Я гуляла с собакой когда увидела их во дворе. I ___________ my dog when I ___________ them in the courtyard.
а) walked, saw
б) was walking, saw+
в) walked, was seeing

5. Он сидел там, как статуя. He ___________ there like a statue.
а) was sitting+
б) sat
в) were sitting

6. Я не спал с 10 до 11 часов. I ___________ from 10 to 11.
а) wasn’t sleeping+
б) didn’t sleep
в) don’t sleep

7. Мне не нравились олимпиады в школе. I ___________ olympiads at school.
а) was disliking
б) disliked +
в) didn’t dislike

8. Мы ждали на улице когда мистер Джонсон приехал. We ___________ outside when mr. Johnson ___________
а) waited, was arriving
б) waited, arrived
в) were waiting, arrived+

9. Вчера в 5 часов Томми делал домашнюю работу. Tommy ___________ his homework yesterday at 5 o’clock.
а) did
б) was doing+
в) were doing

10. Она позвонила мне когда я ехал в Небраску. She ___________ me while I ___________ up to Nebraska.
а) was calling, drove
б) called, drove
в) called, was driving+

11. Lucy ___ a bath at 9 o’clock yesterday.
a) were having
б) was have
в) was having+

12. When I last saw you, you ___ at university.
a) were studying+
б) was studying
в) studying

13. He __ for me when I came.
a) was wait
б) was waiting+
в) were waiting

14. Kelly was busy, so we ___ very long.
a) wasn’t staying
б) wasn’t stay
в) weren’t staying+

15. Why ___ at you?
a) were that woman staring
б) was that woman staring+
в) was that woman stare

16. Mary ___ home when she met her old friend.
a) was walking+
б) was walk
в) were walking

17. They ___ cricket at 10 a.m. yesterday.
a) not playing
б) weren’t playing+
в) wasn’t playing

18. Sam and I ___ over the phone when the connection failed.
a) were chat
б) was chatting
в) were chatting+

19. The radio was on but nobody ___ to it.
a) were listening
б) was listening+
в) weren’t listening

20. She ___ dinner while her husband was working in the garden.
a) was cooking+
б) was cook
в) were cooking

21. The police caught Dan when he _____ a shop.
a) robed
б) was robbing+
в) was robing
г) has robbed

22. He couldn’t speak because he _____ of laughtеr.
a) had died
б) was dying+
в) were dying

23. When you rang me yesterday, I _____ a bath.
a) were having
б) had had
в) was having+
г) had

24. Somebody stole the money from Dad’s pocket while he _____ .
a) were sleeping
б) slept
в) was sleeping+

25. I _____ by the window when I heard the noise.
a) sat
б) sitted
в) was sitting+

26. Why didn’t Maria come to school last week? — She _____ _____ at home with her newborn brother.
a) wasn’t staying
б) was stay
в) was staying+

27. We _____ _____ classes during that annoying performance next door.
a) were having+
б) was having
в) were being have

28. People _____ _____ towards the exit, when I saw him there among the crowd.
a) was running
б) were running+
в) were runing

29. We ___ tea when our grandparents came.
a) was having
б) were have
в) were having+

30. He ___ the house this time yesterday.
a) was painting+
б) were painting
в) painting