Тест с ответами на тему: «Present Continuous»

1. ___ this performance?
a) Do you like+
б) Do you liking
в) Are you liking

2. They ___ dinner at the moment.
a) is not having
б) are not having+
в) are not have

3. ___ better?
a) Is your English getting+
б) Is your English get
в) Are your English getting

4. Мы сейчас играем в карты. We _____ cards now.
а) are playing+
б) is playing
в) are play

5. I don’t speak any foreign languages, but I _____ English now.
a) am learning+
б) learn

6. Carol is busy. She ___ a letter at the moment.
a) is typeing
б) is typing+
в) is type

7. My brother Ted ________ to rock music at the moment.
a) isn’t listening+
б) aren’t listening
в) doesn’t listen

8. We ___ four eggs to bake this cake.
a) are needing
б) are need
в) need+

9. My brother ___ his own website. It looks great!
a) is designing+
б) are designing
в) designing

10. Both my friend and I ___ today.
a) is working
б) am working
в) are working+

11. We _____ next weekend at home.
a) are spending+
б) spent
в) ’re spend

12. He _____ to speak to his parents.
a) is going+
б) goes
в) went

13. Твой английский становится лучше. Your English _____ better.
а) gets
б) is getting+
в) are getting

14. Тина пишет две книги о здоровье и фитнесе. Tina _____ two books on health and fitness.
а) writes
б) are writing
в) is writing+

15. At the moment we _____ over the desert.
a) are flying+
б) flied
в) ’ve flying

16. Have some hot tea. It _____ chilly.
a) ’s getting+
б) is geting
в) getting

17. I _____________ a funny letter now.
a) am writing+
б) are writing
в) is writing

18. В настоящее время эта ситуация стала быстро меняться. This situation _____ rapidly at present.
а) is changing+
б) changes
в) are changing

19. Я не жалуюсь.
а) I don’t complain.
б) I not complaining.
в) I am not complaining.+

20. Mike _________ German. Don’t bother him.
a) learning
б) is learning+
в) am learning

21. My mother _______ windows at the moment.
a) isn’t washing+
б) aren’t washing
в) not washing

22. I ______ on the phone with my friend Polly.
a) talking
б) am talking+
в) are talking

23. Don’t go out. It _____ now.
a) is raining+
б) rains
в) rain

24. We ________ a very interesting film in the plane now.
a) watching
б) are watching+
в) watch

25. I _________ a pair of shoes in the central shop now.
a) am buying+
б) buying
в) am buing

26. Right now Tom and Nick ______ in the large pool.
a) is swimming
б) are swimming+
в) is swiming

27. _____ she ______ an article at the moment?
a) Is __translating+
б) Does ___translating
в) Are____ translating

28. My car is broken, so I ___ my mum’s.
a) am use
б) am using+
в) is using

29. Andy ___ to Spain this year.
a) aren’t going
б) isn’t go
в) is not going+

30. The population of the country ____.
a) is constantly increasing+
б) is constantly increase
в) are constantly increasing