Тест с ответами на тему: «Present Simple»

1. Мой папа не работает учителем, он — ученый.
а) My father do not work as a teacher, he is a scientist.
б) My father does not work as a teacher, he is a scientist.+
в) My father do not work as a teacher, he works as a scientist.

2. Откуда я тебя знаю?
а) How I know you?
б) How do I know you?+
в) How I do know you?

3. Ты хорошо танцуешь?
а) Do you do dance well?
б) Do you dance well?+
в) Does you dance well?

4. Выберите правильное предложение:
а) Do you like potato? — Yes, I am.
б) Do you like potato? — Yes, I like.
в) Do you like potato? — Yes, I do.+

5. Jack lives not far from us, but we ________ him often.
a) doesn’t see
б) don’t see+
в) not see

6. I ___ I’ll show you the city.
a) am promise
б) promise+
в) promises

7. All the companies ___ their goods on TV.
a) advertises
б) advertise+
в) are advertised

8. Выберите правильное предложение:
а) On Sunday I doesn’t go out.
б) On Sunday I don’t go out.+
в) On Sunday I am not go out.

9. Выберите правильное предложение:
а) He doesn’t play the guitar.+
б) He isn’t play the guitar.
в) He don’t play the guitar.

10. ___ her dog every morning?
a) Is Mary walk
б) Does Mary walk+
в) Do Mary walk

11. Ted often ___ in a restaurant.
a) is dines
б) dine
в) dines+

12. A surgeon is a person who ___ operations.
a) makes+
б) is make
в) make

13. A red traffic light ___ “Stop”.
a) means+
б) mean
в) is mean

14. He ___ to any parties.
a) isn’t belong
б) don’t belong
в) doesn’t belong+

15. Do you ___ where the post office is?
a) know+
б) knowing
в) knows

16. Tina ___ very happy.
a) don’t look
б) doesn’t looks
в) doesn’t look+

17. All sport competitions ___ at our stadium.
a) takes place
б) take place+
в) are take

18. I ________. that man because I ________ English.
a) don’t understand________ don’t know+
б) don’t understand________ not know
в) not understand________ don’t know

19. Выберите правильное предложение:
а) Where do they usually walk?+
б) Where are they usually walk?
в) Where does they usually walk?

20. Выберите правильное предложение:
а) What do your father do?
б) What does your father do?+
в) What is your father do?

21. ________ Jane Smith ________ English?
a) Is _____ speak
б) Do _____ speak
в) Does _____ speak+

22. ________ Dad ________ any brothers or sisters?
a) Have ________got
б) Does________ have+
в) Does________ has

23. We ________ a car, but we are going to buy it.
a) don’t have+
б) aren’t have
в) hasn’t

24. Вода замерзает при нуле градусов Цельсия. Water ________ at zero degrees Celsius.
а) freezes+
б) freeze
в) is freeze

25. Анна меняет жизни людей каждый день. Ann ________. people’s lifes every day.
а) change
б) is change
в) changes+

26. Where ___ your books?
a) does you keep
б) you keep
в) do you keep+

27. They ___ volleyball on weekends.
a) don’t play+
б) aren’t play
в) doesn’t play

28. My grandparents ___ going to the theatre.
a) loves
б) loving
в) love+

29. My parents ___ in a detached house.
a) lives
б) live+
в) are lived

30. The sun ___ in the East.
a) rise
б) rises+
в) rising