Тест с ответами на тему: «Прилагательные и наречия в английском языке»

1. Kevin continued to study______in a well-organized pri¬vate school and he______found a common language with his new school fellows.
a) serious, quick
б) seriously, quick
в) seriously, quickly +
г) serious, quickly

2. The teacher was giving her a test after a test in geography and she was doing______.
a) more and more bad
б) more and more worser
в) worser and worser
г) worse and worse+

3. Her face had relaxed, the tension had gone. It looked ______and______.
a) more younger, more beauty
в) more young, more beautiful
б) younger, beautifully
г) younger, more beautiful+

4. I have another opinion, ____________you don’t care about it I suppose.
а) in spite of
б) however
в) despite
г) although+

5. _______ the airline has lost our luggage, we are going to continue our honeymoon.
а) Despite
б) Although+
в) However
г) In spite of

6. _______ the bad weather we really enjoyed this journey.
а) Although
б) However
в) In spite of+
г) Though

7. During the Middle Ages London grew twice______it was in size and wealth.
a) as large as +
б) as larger as
в) larger than
г) as larger than

8. The professor looked______at the student’s paper and then began to speak. His voice sounded______.
a) quick, terrible
б) quickly, terribly
в) quickly, terrible+
г) quick, terribly

9. She became______as she was growing up.
a) much and much beautifully
в) more and more beautiful+
б) more and more beautifully
г) most and most beautiful

10. You may dive safely here, the lake is______.
a) enough deep
б) deep enough+
в) deeply enough
г) quite deeply

11. John said that no other car could go______.
a) as fast as his+
б) as fast as the car of him
в) so fast like his car
г) as fast like his car

12. Even though she looks very young, she is twice______ my twenty-year-old sister.
a) older
б) as old as+
в) as old than
г) older than

13. We slept in a double-bedded room, which was______ that the little country inn could do for us.
a) good
б) the best+
в) better
г) worse

14.______sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate but to be indifferent to them.
a) the worst +
б) bad
в) worse
г) worst

15. He’s a fast runner. I can’t run as______as he.
a) fast+
б) faster
в) fastly
г) fastest

16. The film was really boring. It was______I’ve ever seen.
a) most boring film
б) the film more boring
в) the more boring film
г) the most boring film+

17. California is farther from New York______Pennsylva¬nia.
a) as
б) like
в) than +
г) from

18. This encyclopedia costs______the other one.
a) more
б) twice as many as
в) twice more than
г) twice as much as+

19. The hotter it is,______I feel.
a) the more miserable
б) more miserable
в) the miserable
г) most miserable+

20. My book is______interesting______yours.
a) as, as +
б) as, like
в) like, like
г) like, as

21. My house is______ height______his.
a) as, as
б) as, the same
в) the same, as +
г) the same, the same

22. It is the ____________who should praise fortune. (proverb)
а) happy
б) lucky
в) fortunate+

23. John was born under a ____________star.
а) lucky+
б) happy
в) fortunate

24. Of the two landscapes that you have shown me this one is
a) more picturesque
б) most picturesque
в) the more picturesque +
г) the most picturesque

25. I found it difficult to answer him. I was______to be able to think clearly.
a) enough confused
б) very confusing
в) confusing too
г) too confused+

26. He used to say that a woman must be ____________in her own family circle.
а) lucky
б) fortunate
в) happy+

27. I could hear ____________voices of the children, who were playing in the garden.
а) fortunate
б) happy+
в) lucky

28. She was recovering slowly; her illness had a ____________outcome.
а) happy+
б) lucky
в) fortunate

29. I have had a cold for three days and I haven’t got rid of it ________ .
а) still
б) yet+
в) already

30. Because the first pair of shoes didn’t fit______, he asked for another one.
a) more proper
б) proper
в) most properly
г) properly+