Тест с ответами на тему: «Союзы в английском языке»

1. She is ____ an engineer or an economist.
a) either+
б) neither
в) both

2. ____ boys and girls play tennis.
a) Either
б) Neither
в) Both+

3. ____ Nick nor Tom wants to go to the party.
a) Either
б) Neither+
в) Both

4. She plays ____ the piano and the guitar.
a) either
б) neither
в) both+

5. ___ Sandra nor Eric likes jogging.
a) Neither+
б) Either
в) Both

6. Sean runs every morning ___ he wants to win a championship.
a) as well as
б) because+
в) provided

7. Nancy took so many dresses to Egypt ___ she was going to stay there forever.
a) in case
б) whether
в) as though+

8. He would like to become ___ an engineer or sailor.
a) either+
б) neither
в) nor

9. The red dress is ___ the black one.
a) as beautiful
б) beautiful as
в) as beautiful as+

10. Don’t eat any mushrooms ___ you know they’re safe.
a) as well as
б) until+
в) as if

11. The Chairman of the Board gave a long speech. He spoke _____ two hours.
a) for+
б) during
в) while

12. It rained _____ two days without stopping.
a) during
б) for+
в) while

13. My sister read lots of books _____ she was ill.
a) while+
б) during
в) for

14. Jack is very tired. He looks ___ he needs a good rest.
a) as if+
б) so
в) before

15. I like summer ___ it’s not too hot.
a) or
б) provided+
в) thus

16. You won’t pass the exam ___ you study hard.
a) unless+
б) before
в) as

17. We see them quite often ___ they’re our neighbours.
a) when
б) that
в) as+

18. We’ll call an emergency ___ she feels worse.
a) if+
б) but
в) as if

19. Sally reads books every day ___ she has got free time.
a) therefore
б) unless
в) as long as+

20. ______ it was really hot outside, I wore shorts.
a) Although
б) Since +
в) Unless

21. Finish your homework ___ you go out.
a) as well as
б) that
в) before+

22. Andy got his first job ___ he was 20.
a) that
б) when+
в) as

23. She enjoys ___ singing and dancing.
a) both+
б) either
в) neither

24. He has always done well on exams. This time, ______ , he failed.
a) however +
б) accordingly
в) moreover

25. I won’t be able to borrow any more money ______ I pay off some of my previous debts.
a) but
б) until +
в) although

26. ______ he wasn’t a good player, he had a great game.
a) Since
б) Because
в) Although+

27. The little girl slept ______ her father played the guitar.
a) while +
б) therefore
в) until

28. My brother can speak ____ English and German.
a) either
б) neither
в) both+

29. Give me ____ a pen or a pencil.
a) either+
б) neither
в) both

30. He brought ____ a book nor an exercise book.
a) either
б) neither+
в) both