Тест с ответами на тему: «Степени сравнения в английском языке»

1. Better (лучше) это сравнительная степень от ________ ?
а) bet
б) best
в) good+

2. Какая гора самая высокая в мире? What is ________ mountain in the world?
а) the most high
б) the highest+
в) the higher

3. Андрей старше Ивана.
а) Andrew is older than Ivan.+
б) Andrew is more old than Ivan.
в) Andrew is oldest than Ivan.

4. Сравнительная степень polite (вежливый)?
а) politer+
б) politier
в) more polite

5. Степени сравнения happy?
а) happy-happier-the happiest+
б) happy-happyer-the happyest
в) happy-more happy-the most happy

6. Степени сравнения simple?
а) simple-simpler-the simpliest
б) simple-simpler-the simplest+
в) simple-more simple-the most simple

7. Это лучший день в моей жизни. This is the ________ day of my life.
а) betterest
б) goddest
в) best+

8. Твой английский становится лучше. Your English is getting ________
а) better+
б) more good
в) godder

9. E-mail is ________ more efficient than sending a fax.
a) a much
б) a far
в) a lot+
г) many

10. Самый тяжелый (heavy)?
а) more heavy
б) the most heavy
в) the heaviest+

11. Cats are ________ smaller than dogs
a) a lot+
б) more
в) much more smaller
г) great deal

12. Is it _______ boring film he has ever seen?
a) most
б) more
в) the most+

13. This strange magic story is ___ longest of the two you told me yesterday.
a) the+
б) __
в) a

14. New streets in Kazan are _____ beautiful than the old ones.
a) most
б) more+
в) the more

15. Bill is ________ richer than Tom.
a) a far
б) a lot+
в) a much
г) much more

16. Эта сумка более дорогая, чем та. This bag is ________ than that one?
а) more expensive+
б) the most expensive
в) expensiver

17. My new wardrobe is ____ than yours.
a) bigger+
б) biggest
в) big

18. He has ________ free time than Molly.
a) much more+
б) many more
в) a great deal much
г) most much

19. The Dnieper is ________ longer than the Thames.
a) more
б) lot
в) many
г) much+

20. My father wasn’t ___ than hers.
a) rich
б) richer+
в) the richest

21. Our Spanish is getting ____ every day.
a) good
б) better+
в) the best

22. In my new comfortable bed I sleep ________ than I used to.
a) much more soundly+
б) much sounder
в) more sound
г) most soundly

23. He is at his desk early and goes to bed ________ than the rest of the family.
a) late
б) the latest
в) much more lately
г) much later+

24. These days I take all those things ________ than I used to.
a) more serious
б) much more serious
в) much more seriously+
г) seriously

25. Is your younger sister _____ than you?
a) tall
б) taller+
в) tallest

26. They don’t think it is ___ way to travel abroad.
a) the best+
б) better
в) best

27. This month I fell much _____.
a) good
б) better+
в) the best

28. The weather is getting _____ every hour.
a) badder
б) worse+
в) the worst

29. You’ll have to draw the chart ________ than that.
a) far more accurately+
б) lot more accurate
в) by far accurate
г) still accurately

30. That’s _______ film I have ever seen.
a) the far interestinger
б) by far the most interesting+
в) the farthest interesting
г) the interestingerest by far