Тест с ответами на тему: «Существительные в английском языке»

1. I don’t like going by car. If I have a chance, I always go on _____ .
а) foots
б) foot+

2. Big _____ don’t cry.
а) boyes
б) boys+

3. I prefer natural _____ when I want to change my hair style.
а) dyes+
б) dys
в) dies

4. There is______sand in my shoes.
a) — +
б) the
в) a
г) an

5. The news was______very depressing.
a) a
б) —
в) the+
г) an

6.______man and______woman were sitting opposite me.
a) a, the
б) а, а+
в) the, a
г) -, —

7. Paris is______capital of France.
a) the +
б) an
в) a
г) —

8. Chinese eat______rice every day.
a) the
б) а
в) — +
г) an

9. A ____________is any kind of movement by land, sea, or by air, often in foreign or remote parts.
а) travel
б) journey
в) trip
г) voyage
д) tour+

10. What do you need these _____ for?
а) boxes+
б) boxs

11. Those were the happiest days of our _____ .
а) lifes
б) lives+
в) lifees

12. A ____________is a short journey, voyage or tour, for either business or pleasure.
а) journey
б) travel
в) trip+
г) tour
д) voyage

13. In______return for money______House of Commons demanded______political power.
a) the, the, —
б) —, the, the
в) -,the,- +
г) -,-,-

14.______first signs of______trouble between______ Crown and______Parliament came in 1601.
a) the, -, -, — +
б) the, the, -, —
в) -, -, the, the
г) the, -, -, the

15. A ____________is a long trip for pleasure and sightseeing often consisting of visits to different places.
а) trip
б) voyage
в) travel
г) tour+
д) journey

16. The children went on a short vacation ____________in July.
а) journey
б) trip+
в) tour
г) voyage
д) travel

17. A great number of books have been written about ____________.
а) voyages
б) trips
в) travels+
г) tours
д) journeys

18. There are a lot of _____ on the floor.
а) toys +
б) toy
в) tois
г) a toys

19. It’s very important for _____ to look young and beautiful.
а) woman
б) women +
в) womans
г) womens

20.______fourteenth century was disastrous for Britain as well as for______most of Europe because of______effect of______wars.
a) the, —, the, — +
б) the, —, an, —
в) the, the, the, —
г) the, -, the, the

21. England had______burden of______fighting______Scots.
a) a, -, the
б) the, the, the
в) the, -, the +
г) the, -, —

22. In______twelfth century,______practice of______ letting out farms had been______way of increasing ______landlord’s profits.
a) the,-,-, a, —
б) the, the,-, a, the+
в) the, the, the, a, —
г) —, the, -, a, the

23. Our dog has three _____
а) puppys
б) puppies +
в) puppy
г) puppis

24. All the _____ behave well today.
а) child
б) childs
в) childrens
г) children+

25. Our cat enjoys catсhing _____ in the country house.
а) mice +
б) mouses
в) mices
г) mouse

26.______most important of these changes was______replacement of______wool by______finished cloth.
a) the, the, —, the
б) the, a, —, —
в) a, the, -, the
г) the, the, -, -+

27. By the end of______Middle Ages______serf from ______countryside could work in______town to become ______freeman in______town he lived.
a) —, a, the, a, a, the
б) the, a, the, a, a, the+
в) the, the, the, a, a, the
г) the, a, a, a, a, the

28.______poor wore______simple clothes of______ leather or______wool.
a) the, -, -, — +
б) the, the, -, —
в) -, -, -, —
г) the, -, the, the

29.______poor children started______work at______ age of six.
a) the, —, the
б) —, —, the+
в) —, the, an
г) -, the, the

30. Parliament was supported by______Navy, by most of ______merchants and by______population of London.
a) —, the, the
б) the, the, —
в) the, -, the
г) the, the, the+